From The Book of Ichigo Ichie: The Art of Making the Most of Every Moment, the Japanese Way

Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia


The Japanese tea ceremony, often called chanoyu literally, the “way of tea”-is much more than a sophisticated ritual for drinking a revitalizing infusion. It is a ceremony that cultivates the five senses in the following way:

Taste. The tea served is of the highest quality. Typically, a single cup of extremely pure tea is drunk and its flavor endures for a long time afterward.

Smell. The scent of the infusion, intense and fragrant, 1s also important, as are those of the sweets eaten as part of the ceremony. If the ceremony is conducted in a traditional teahouse, the smells of the wood, the garden’s moist soil, and the trees are also part of the experience.

Sight. The tea sets are especially beautiful in their simplicity and are admired and praised as part of the traditional ceremony. The gentle movements of the tea master are also a feast for the eyes, since they perform a precise choreography throughout the ritual.

Touch. Holding the hot cup in your hands before raising it to your lips activates this fourth sense and symbolizes contact with the serenity of the home through chanoyu.

Sound. There may be the rustle of the leaves if we are surrounded by trees, and in the modern tea ceremony, participants speak and listen with the utmost attention, according to an etiquette we will explore later on.

Chanoyu is a call for us to pay attention to all five senses and to be anchored in the present, making the ceremony an art that goes far beyond drinking tea.

We adopted this way of using all senses into our production process. We love to be totally emerged by all the amazing aspects that a project needs.

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